Corporate Housing, Inc. provides everything you need in your temporary apartment!

Whether you need a furnished apartment on a short-term or long-term basis, when you move in, the following is what's included in our corporate housing accommodations. And, we can customize according to your needs. 

A full list of housewares is available upon request.

  • Utilities paid 
  • Expanded basic cable (high speed internet generally an option)
  • Local telephone service 
  • Furnishings for a standard one, two or three bedroom apartment or townhouse.

What's the cost?

 The cost of a furnished and fully equipped temporary home varies according to a few factors:

  1. Length of stay (30 Day minimum stay is required.)
  2. Number of bedrooms
  3. Location

In most cases, the daily cost is substantially less than that of hotels. Plus, you get a full kitchen with amenities and most of all, more privacy and more space.

Unlike hotels, you pay a single monthly payment or, if so desired, we can bill your company direct. This approach to short-term or long-term housing across the country helps you be more productive at work and enjoy time away from the job.

For a free quote, please call a Corporate Housing, Inc. leasing agent (1-877-439-3322 or 1-337-439-3322) or contact us via our online form.