Responding to Emergencies (Sample)

We generally assist corporate America with temporary housing needs for relocating employees.


We are, sadly, very familiar with responding in times of emergencies.


Corporate Housing, Inc has helped those with emergency needs for temporary apartments for over 17 years, including post hurricanes.


When our office electricity went out after Hurricane Rita, we brought out the generators, opened the office, and helped families and firms find furnished apartments on a temporary basis. 


As a company based in South Louisiana we are as familiar with the Gulf Coast as we are in angst about the Gulf Oil Spill. If you are an oil spill worker or oil spill firm in need of housing, our services allow you to spend your time on the spill containment and clean-up effort and leave the temporary apartment shopping along the Gulf to us.

While Corporate Housing, Inc.helps individuals or companies nationwide, we specialize along the Gulf Coast, including New Orleans, Biloxi, Mobile and beyond.


In short, we know and love South Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida.


If you are from an area other than the Gulf Coast, we are sorry for the reason for your stay. Regardless, we want to do all we can to make your temporary stay in New Orleans or anywhere on the coast as pleasant and comfortable as possible.


If you are in need of temporary housing on the Gulf, give us a call toll free at 877.439.3322 or register on-line. To learn more about how Corporate Housing Inc. can assist you in New Orleans, Biloxi, Mobile or anywhere along the Gulf Coast.

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